You know what, maybe I would like to play some Golf, m*thaf*cka!

Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor, Michael Steele has reconsidered his position on Bagger Vance. He would like country clubs to likewise, reconsider their practices on how they screen applicants for membership.

The story goes like this. A couple of weeks ago, Governor Robert Ehrlich held a fundraiser at the Elkridge Country Club in Baltimore, which raised $100,000. The club has never in it’s history extended the privileges of membership to African Americans. They were immediately slammed by public opinion. Governor Ehrlich said he wouldn’t want to intefere in the decision making process of a private entity. Which is fair enough, except that by holding a fund-raiser that nets you some serious coin, you provide some “unofficial” endorsement and sanction to their activities.

Steele defended the governor’s comments and was heavily criticized for it publicly and privately. He has subsequently acknowledged the criticism and called the club’s plicies “foolishness”. Good for him. Now for the last few drops of juice out this story, I’m sure we’d all like to know who the Democratic politicans are who have similarly held fund-raisers at that same facility. Out with the list, Bob!

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