You, Me, We all Yoga

trick.jpgWalking down U Street the other day, I saw several folks milling about with yoga mats. Looking closer I noticed there was a yoga studio about to open for class. Another yoga studio. Nowadays it seems as if there is a yoga studio on every corner, right next to a Starbucks, and anyone can claim they ‘do yoga’. Folks who you know by looking at them, ‘doing yoga’ means one class every so often where they breathe and stretch but don’t break a sweat. Or the room is purposely hot so they do.

Back in the day, when I did yoga, it wasn’t so trendy & watered down. There was only Liz, the great taskmaster at Unity Woods Yoga, the only decent Ingear-style yoga studio in DC. Back then, when you left Liz’s class, you couldn’t eat for a few hours thanks to her belly bolster start and were sore for three days thanks to her hard-core instruction. Back then, yoga was physical, a workout that took strength and breath that would kill the ‘doing yoga’ folks I saw outside that U Street yoga studio.

Yeah, back in the day, when yoga was real and I was young.

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