Bling Bling Giant

tivoli giantYes, Columbia Heights now has an option besides little bodegas and Mt Pleasant can upgrade past Best Way. The new Tivoli Giant is swank. Row upon row of tasty treats in great presentation greats the visitor, and unlike the various Safeway’s, the Soviet Safeway being the worst, one you purchase goods, you can actually checkout in less time than it took to fill your cart. Nice.

To top it off, like the Spanish Safeway, you can buy cases of beer with your Pop Tarts and hot dogs. Upgrading to real bling bling, it also has Styrofoam coolers and wanna-be baby Webbers to fully outfit your weekend BBQ.

Now if they can only fix the dangerous, annoying, and illegal driveway that takes up the whole front sidewalk, installing a bike rack and shady seating, al la Whole Foods, it would be perfection. The interim solution is a joke so be sober on exit or ya might get smashed by a SUV, spilling your super-fine box o’ wine.

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  1. Jose (unregistered) on December 5th, 2005 @ 2:18 am

    The new Giant is nice but very expensive. I love BESTWAY and their prices. The product selection and atmosphere makes me feel at home. Too bad some Laurie Collins dislike the local bodegas and Bestway. The local small business are are the heart of the Mt pleasant. I hate to see what happens when Target and other giants come to town and destory the small businesses

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