Perfect June Afternoon…

Office drones of downtown DC – unite! Get outside now!

I just returned from an early lunch and it’s an amazingly gorgeous day – warm, breezy, perfect. I escaped my drab cube and splurged on sushi, taking it over to one of my favorite downtown spots, Pershing Park.

Sitting in the shade next to the bizarre block of a waterfall is pure bliss. When there’s a strong breeze a lovely cooling spritz of water touches you gently. Ahhh…. nice.

I love that park. At 11:45am there was no one there but an occasional confused tourist (“who the heck is Pershing?”), a little girl in a candy-colored sundress feeding chips to the ducks, and a suit smoking a pipe. Let’s not forget the dragonflies skimming the water. The pond changes color throughout the season (it’s even an ice rink in the winter), and is now rather like pea soup. Some might find that algae taint gross, but I love its emerald intensity. Just wait until the lilac trees surrounding the water bloom and their hot pink petals fall in, making retro prep hues.

I was soooo relaxed… sushi shock…. gentle breeze….
birds tweeting…. Damn the office!! Why did I have to come back??

Hey, it’s a Friday afternoon, summer in DC –
why not skip out early today?
Who’s with me?!?

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