Cellphone Taxes, Entertainment Taxes…

Alexandria, fresh off a real estate tax rate decrease, will be adding a few more taxes to spread the net a little wider. Since folks are moving away from landlines ($7.50, to the city’s coffers, each and every month), and to cellphones, the city has enacted a $3/mo charge on all cellphone bills over $30/mo (when was the last time you saw one of those?) and 10% on bills less than $30/mo. Mayor Euille said he thought of it while he was sitting in his car:

“I was just sitting in my car at the intersection. I looked around at 15 or 20 other cars, and everybody had a cell phone,”

Great. Glad he was just sitting there, thinking of all the new ways he can tax his population into submission. Also added to the tax bill will be $0.20 more per pack of cigarettes and a new entertainment tax for movie tickets and other events. Looks like I won’t be going back to the Hoffman Center, if it’s only slightly cheaper, than, say, the Fairfax Corner 14’s Directors’ Hall theatre tickets.

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