Stratford on the Potomac

Hey gang, this is Jenn Larsen, new metroblogger…

This weekend I saw Vanessa Redgrave in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of “Hecuba” at the Kennedy Center. This is the closing weekend, so it’s a litle late for a recommendation (sorry!), but the RSC is in the third year of their five-year summer residency so you have more chances to see this world-class company. The production was tight, a stellar ensemble cast and clean direction – I may not have agreed with all the choices made, but there was no question they were made with conviction. Redgrave is a true acting legend and thrilling to see.

I try to go to KenCen at least once a year, and always end up feeling slightly guilty that I don’t take more advantage of it. There are plenty of free events for when money is tight. I find it has an odd atmosphere – stuck in 1960’s decor, especially the Eisenhower Theater (that icky brown panelling!). But it was nice to see they have installed multimedia interactive displays on JFK now.

The night I was there it was filled with high school graduation parties, dressed-up dates walking arm and arm, watchful grandparents in tow. Fun people-watching. And you really can’t beat chatting about the play afterwards on the fountained terrace, the view over the Potomac of Teddy Roosevelt Island with Rosslyn peeking out from behind, envying the boats as they go by. Great Washington moment.

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