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Conspiracy to Commit Comics

So, I’ve never been all that into comics or comic art. It’s not that I look down on it, it’s that it’s just not my thing. But I know a bunch of you out there are fans of the form, and perhaps you already knew about DC Conspiracy, “a group of comic creators, writers, artists, editors, and assorted hangers-on based in the Washington, DC region.”

But I didn’t. And I just stumbled across their blog. They have monthly jams at Dremo’s, so if you’re a budding artist yourself, take a sketchpad and have a beer.

Stupid People Tricks in Clarendon

Our spies in Clarendon have passed us a fun tip: Someone drove their car into the revolving door at Harry’ Tap Room in Clarendon, shattering the door, splitting the canopy and wrecking the place.


Dang kids

An unnamed (because he’s a minor) 13-year-old from Swanson Middle School was arrested for sending threats to other students, one of whom was his 15-year-old sister. He also managed to get Washington-Lee High School locked down for more than an hour. The teenager faces up to six years in prison (one for harassment by computer and five for the threats themselves) and fines of up to $5,000. Sigh.

Live at The Birchmere

If you’re one of the brave, you might consider heading out to see The Burlesque-A-Pades at The Birchmere tonight, featuring Angie Pontani and the World Famous Pontani Sisters, as well as Trixie Little, Charm City’s Burlesque Super Hero and The Evil Tap Dancing Hate Monkey. Show starts at 7:30, Tickets are less than two drinks in a Georgetown Dive Bar.

DC Metblogs’ Favorites: Bookstores

Books. They’re everywhere in this town, from the Law Libraries of K St., to the movie libraries of the cinemas across town, DC is one of the most literate cities in the US. As such, we’ve got our preponderance of bookstores all over this city. We’re here to tell you some of our favorites. Read on.


An Evening In Dupont

Today after work I meandered slowly through the spring breeze to Dupont Circle and 18th St. NW and up North toward Adams Morgan. We met at Straits of Malaya on 18th just north of Swann St. It’s this little Malaysian place with a rooftop dining room, just across from Lauriol Plaza. I wandered through the streets in the sun, making my way slowly through this beautiful spring town. There are times I just love DC, and today was certainly one of them. Check out some pictures of today’s walk

More on the Montgomery Stabbing

The Post is now reporting that the woman accused of the Mall stabbing is Antoinette Starks, 48, recently released from prison after serving time for more than $30,000 in property damages.

Many thanks to Irina Slutsky for helping find this information! In addition, Irina has several photos in her flickr photostream from the event. Thanks again, Irina!

billy goat’s a comin’!

for anyone whose familiar w/ john belushi’s lovable short order cook sketch where he calls out “cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger, no pepsi…coke”, you’re going to be so excited because the famed billy goat tavern from chicago is opening shop in dc!

the sketch was a spoof on billy goat’s owner william “Billy Goat” sianis and another Greek immigrant by the name of bill charuchas who would call out to the patrons “try the double cheese! it’s the best! no fries, cheeps!”

and now, the national association of realtors (who houses the original legendary eatery in chicago) is opening a landmark building in capitol hill and wants to bring a little billy to dc.

i can’t wait…by the end of the year, we’ll have access to lovely bit of burger & snl history in our yard…

Exploding Manhole Covers: The First Sign of Summer

The increasing humidity, the oppresive heat, the daily 5pm thunderstorms, the exploding manhole covers, these are the signs of summer in Washington. Three manholes blew their lids by the World Bank when a transformer beneath 18th St. NW blew this morning, likely a result of a short-circuit in the conduit.

The World Bank is closing for the day as power to their HVAC system has been severed.

If you lived here a few years ago, you experienced this with the series of manhole fires along the M St. corridor in Georgetown, complete with power outages, bar closures, and all manner of havoc wrought, traffic-wise. Just another sign of the impending summer in DC.

Forget running for President…

Wow guys, how much would it kick ass if Colin Powell bought the Nats?

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