A Fine Line

I went to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith at the Uptown Theater tonight and had a grand old time of it. First because the movie just truly kicks-ass, tying up all six movies with a nice evil bow. Second, because the theater going experience at the Uptown, during a major movie release is just such a great experience. When people gripe about the hassle of the Uptown on opening day, I really don’t see what they’re talking about. Patience is the key.

I got in line at 4PM for the 1030PM showing. There was me and about 10 other lay-abouts in line ahead of me. Across the sidewalk was the line for the 7PM showing – which stretched down the street further than I could see. As I rolled out my beach towel, I smiled knowingly at the guy in line next to me. That smile said, yeah, we may seem crazy know, but come 10PM we’re going to have the best seats in the house.

So I laid down with my head on my sack and read my book on the North American Colonial Wars for about 3 hours. A nice cool breeze, a slight overcast to keep the sun out of my eyes. Then my two best buds arrived, took my place and I got a much needed dinner break. We had a great round of childhood memories that lasted a few hours, then our ladies arrived right before the doors opened.

The Uptown runs like clock-work for major openings like this. I’ve seen every Star Wars release of the last 10 years there on opening day, all with out incident. The manager of the theater is great, he marches the line all day to keep people from place-holding for an obnoxious number of people. 5 seems to be his limit, any more than that and it’s back of the line. The guy runs a tight ship and watching a bunch of geeks in costumes trying to rock it is entertainment in itself.

Once doors opened, my Jedi Council and I managed to get the very best seats in the house (8 row – center) with ease. Lights dimmed, 15 minutes of commercials, a horrible Fantastic Four trailer and then it was all Jedi, all the time.

As the film ended, I was struck a tinge of sadness. Sadness for two things, that my much loved Star Wars was finally complete (there will be no more) but also that I probably won’t ever have the occasion to spend a free afternoon/evening parked in front of that great old theater ever again.

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