The mean streets

Last evening, I was driving down 13th St, and on a block just north of Cardozo High School, I came across several police personnel and vehicles along the side of the road. Traffic was getting by in both directions, but it was going quite slowly, as we had to squeeze by. As I passed by the scene, a police officer stepped out from between the cars and headed toward the driver side of one of the cop cars. He was a youngish-looking guy, and he was dressed in what looked like SWAT gear, including a kevlar vest and helmet. That made me kind of do a double take, and I wondered what was going on. I figured it was some sort of drug bust, and continued on to my destination. Several hours later, I headed back up 13th Street on my way home, and I found that several blocks of the street had been closed off, including the block the police were on earlier. I wondered again what had happened, and when I got home, I tried to find out what had happened. There was no information then, but there was this morning.

There was indeed a drug bust. Not too long after the bust, a 9 year old boy was shot in the face while playing on the sidewalk. The worst part is that this was one of three shootings (with 4 people shot) within a span of about 15 minutes last night.

Just another sad night in the district.

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