A Better Use For Comp Tickets

There’s a story in the Washington Post today about Tickets-4-Kids; a local organization that matches donated comp tickets to underprivileged children in the D.C. Metropolitan area. This is a wonderful idea. And, frankly, I can’t figure out why these kids aren’t offered the tickets directly from the venues. I suppose to them it makes more sense to give the tickets to people who can afford them. Quite honestly, if someone were really interested in attending a play, sports event, or show, I think they would probably have found a way to get their hands on a ticket.

I admit that I have used comp tickets in the past. But they were always passed on to me from the friend or co-worker of the individual who originally got them. And any tickets I have received directly from the event I’ve had little interest in.

This is an organization that makes so much sense it’s painful. It makes sense that the local community would be able to participate in some of the great things DC has to offer. And by local, I mean the people who have spent the majority of their lives and time in the DC area and who are, in fact, the foundation of the community that the majority of us take advantage of during our time here.

Even if it makes little sense on the outset to donate your block of baseball tickets to kids, being able to attend a sporting event allows them a chance to exercise their social skills, while being exposed to different aspects of society. The ability to move freely across the class grid is something many take for granted. And yet those are experiences that have propelled many of us to excel. So instead of passing those tickets on to your secretary’s brother’s boss, take a moment to find out if there is someone out there that would actually benefit from them.

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