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Carl Washington, Pet Detective

The Post has an article about a man named Carl Washington who helps people find their lost pets. He gives them tips on where to put up fliers and what information to include in them. Washington used to paint houses and found his first missing pet (with help from his poodle) in 1996. He now travels around the country to help find animals. I’m sure his minimum fee of $60 is a small price to pay to retrieve a loved pet.

Today’s Snow Adventures

With The Feds closing at 3:30, I was expecting pandemonium on 14th street shortly thereafter, to my pleasant surprise, the trip back into Northern Virginia was reasonable and measured. No word yet on if OPM will be shutting the doors in the morning, but they usually wait until the last second. Many of the schools in the area have already announced their closings, and will keep a lot of folks off the roads. Man, I was hoping winter was done, and that Topper Shutt would be done with his snow plow routine.

Not so.

In the meantime, enjoy the Post’s Spring Training Journal.

“Listen, the snow is falling”

Lucky for me George Mason cancelled classes before I made the drive down to Fairfax today. So while I get a day off to catch up on my History reading, I also get to enjoy watching this lovely snowfall blanket Old Town.

I wish I could play the beautiful song “Listen, the snow is falling” by Galaxie 500 for everyone of you. Wherever you are, if you’re stuck at work or if school didn’t cancel for you before you got there. Just take a minute to look out the nearest window and watch the settling snowflakes and imagine your favorite song floating over the image.

Ah, anyway, snow therapy. I love it.

Cherries and Flakes

Looks like we’re due for yet another snowstorm, dropping around 3-5″ on the metro area tomorrow, sadly not in time to cancel school for tomorrow for most places. The winter hasn’t been as harsh as some, but certainly more snow than I’m used to. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Set your calendars for late March for the Cherry Blossom Festival which will happen 26 March through April 10. Get your film out, your cameras tuned, oh, and get ready to deal with touron after touron on the Metro, not to mention buses all around downtown and the Mall.

For The Real Film Buffs

I can barely stop shaking with excitment as I type this but the Freer Gallery will be showing both of Samuel Fuller’s masterful Korean War movies this weekend for FREE!

For the uninitiated these two films, “Steel Helmet” and “Fixed Bayonets” are extremely rare. In fact after searching for about 12 years I’ve only ever been able to see “Steel Helmet” and that was on a crappy vhs dub.

Samuel Fuller was one of America’s early masters of independent film, using his experiences from World War II to craft gritty controversial films. These two movies dealing with the Korean War were extremely controversial because Fuller was making them while the war was still being fought! Fuller’s films show a more realistic side of the war experience than the Hollywood propagnda pictures of the WWII era. Added to which the fact that Fuller could shoot an entire war movie within the confines a Los Angeles park, certainly makes him a god of guerrilla film-making.

To have the oppurtunity to catch both of these rarities on the big screen is…well…so damn exciting!

“Steel Helmet” will be shown on Friday Feb. 25th at 7:00pm
“Fixed Bayonets” will be shown on Sunday Feb. 27th at 2:00pm
— in the Freer Gallery Meyer Auditorium

Tickets are free but limited, so get there early.

Night of the Living Dead (with great music)

For anyone who remembers the heyday of Brit-Pop and longs for its return, you need look no further than The Music and Kasabian show at the 930 Club this past Friday. Both bands put on great sets that should have had the place going crazy. Both bands gave it the gusto with everything clicking into place. Great lights, awesome music and that uniquely British swagger that always combines for a real blast.

But gone are the days of hundreds of brit-pop fans bouncing up and down to Blur, or the crush of girls to tear off a piece of Morissey’s shirt. No more the dancing throng to the Charlatans’ keyboards or swooning to Suede’s crooning. (Unless of course it’s one of these older bands out shaking off the cobwebs, but what about the new bands?)

I don’t know what was up with the crowd at this great show, but hardly anyone was giving the bands their due. Granted, Kasabian are brand new and maybe people were unfamiliar with their music. But so was I, so were the people I was with and we were dancing our asses off. They put on a wonderful high-energy show that would have had the crowd going nuts eight years ago.

The same goes for The Music, who combines pop, rock and guitar wash like nobody’s business. The front rows of the club should have been a swirling vortex of dancing and smiling because their music just evokes such a great sense of joy it is almost impossible not to dance. But somehow the crowd Friday night managed to avoid said fun rug-cutting. As if they had traded their dancing shoes for a magnifying glass to further their navel-gazing endeavors.

Seriously DC, does anyone dance at shows anymore? Doesn’t anyone out there have any passion anymore?

If there are any of you left, let’s all meet up and shake a leg for The Raveonettes when the come to the Black Cat in May or for whoever else happens to come to town between now and then. Otherwise what’s the point in even going?

But did bitch set him up?

The Washington Post is reporting that Christopher Barry, the 24 year old son of Marion Barry, has been arrested and charged with assaulting police. From the article: “For no apparent reason he just attacked one of the officers”.

Retro bonanza

Tonight at the Black Cat is the monthly “Right Round” 80’s Alt-pop dance party. It’ll be spun by the excruciatingly hip DJ lil’ e, and the cover is a measly $5. It starts at 9:30, and do yourself a favor: leave the jelly bracelets at home and don’t even think about requesting Michael Jackson.

No more red light cameras

A House committee in VA has killed bills that would allow locations in VA to use red light surveillance cameras after July 1st. On the one hand, the red light cameras served as safety measures and have been proven successful over the past ten years. On the other hand, as the lawmakers who voted against the bill argue, they may be seen as a step towards an invasion of privacy. So I guess the argument is Big Brother vs. Possible Death, huh?

Welcome to the North

One of the best power-pop balls-to-the-wall rock bands to come out of England in 10 years is playing the 930 Club tonight and anyone who likes big expansive guitars played by freakishly talented 20 year olds would be very very stupid to miss this show.

They are called The Music and the show at the 930 Club is only $15. A bargain when compared to the $25 I paid to see them open for (and totally steal the show from) the Vines last year.

This is their first headlining gig in DC so I’m expecting it to be a real rafter rattler. Don’t miss it.

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