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The Pro-Lifers Are Here.

How do I know they’re here? Well, if you take 14th Street into DC, you literally cannot miss them. They’re lining both sides of the street with 8 foot tall pictures of dead babies with such thrilling titles like “God Bless America?” and other such slogans. Don’t have breakfast before driving in this morning, and expect to be greeted with the same on your trip out.

Post’s Photoblog on Inauguration

The Washington Post has been an incredible source for great photography over the last few days, and the Inauguration events have been very good for the photographers. They’ve done something great, though, in making an Inaugural Photoblog. Lots of great shots in there from the day’s events.

Planning ahead has some recommendations on where to go for Valentine’s Day. Make your reservations now, or do like I do and cook for Valentine’s Day.

Great Restaurants . . . outside the District

the NYTimes (registration required) food section published an article about good southeast asian food in northern VA. It’s got good tips, check it out.


Well, it sure was interesting out there this afternoon. I left my office at 12th and F at roughly quarter after noon. I headed up 14th St. to I, then I over toward Washington Circle, then to K st. to grab either the Whitehurst Expressway or 66 outbound. Oy. It was one pm before I was even close to the Roosevelt Bridge, then a good half hour before I was able to get off in Courthouse to fill up at Our Lady of Chevron.

I ended up stuck just north of the Chevron on Wilson, but I was able to inch my way up the hill when a nice serviceman came to my aid and helped push my car up the hill. I wasn’t the only one having trouble, many cars were ill-prepared for the snow-covered streets in Rosslyn. So, it seems, was Arlington County, unable to treat the roads, despite the threat of snow, the forecast of snow, and the ACTUAL snow that began falling around 10:30. It wasn’t until I hit Glebe Road that I saw any evidence of roads being treated, and even so, that was one pass of the salt trucks.

In Fairlington, I was pleasantly surprised to see most of the roads cleared, and sidewalk sweeps under way by 3pm. At least my condo fees are being well spent!

How bad was your trip around town?

DC Cab (was a bad, bad film)

Most of the time when I get in a cab, I completely ignore any signs about fares, taxes, fees, etc. I figure that if I’m going to take a cab, that my money is gone. I don’t worry myself with how the fare system works; I just get in and go and hope the driver knows where they’re going.

That is, until I got into a DC cab yesterday. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a meter. So I thought to myself “great, I better act like I know where I’m going or this guy’s going to screw me.” But I figured what am I going to do? It’s 6 degrees outside and I’m late, so… Then I saw the zone map. Call me stupid, but this thing makes little sense to the uninitiated DC resident. At all. I mean, the whole thing just looks shady. Like maybe if they confuse you enough, you’ll just give them whatever they want. But, I digress.

I found a great explanation at DC Pages on how the taxi zones work inside DC. It turns out that because of these zones, I saved some money getting to work yesterday. By taking a cab from inside DC it only cost me $4 more to go from Mt. Pleasant to McLean, then it would if I took a Virginia cab from Rosslyn to the same place.

Security Alert

H Street is currently closed near the Whitehouse. There is a security incident occurring at 14th Street and PA Avenue in the vicinity of Treasury Department and Old Ebbitt Grill.

Here’s the link on explaining that a man has made some sort of threat, causing the evacuation of the White House.

Some Street Closings for the Inauguration

The Washington DC Police Department now posts on its website that the following streets will be closed from NOON TOMORROW:

Constitution Avenue from 14th Street to 18th Street, NW
15th Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to Constitution Avenue, NW
17th Street from New York Avenue to Constitution Avenue, NW

This is a change from earlier information, which had the closings occurring at 7 PM.

The Inaugural fun is just beginning!

It’s Safe To Have Sex in Virginia Again

Apparently, there was a two century old law in Virginia that considered sex outside of marriage a Class Four Misdemeanor. But, thankfully, that’s been overturned in court, as on Friday it was struck down as unconstitutional. This law, however, is unrelated to the sodomy law that is still on the books making that blowjob you got in the bathroom at Whitlow’s still a misdemeanor. Best not to tell anyone about that.

NYTimes Visits DC

The NY Times travel section (registration required) has an article on visiting DC in light of the inauguration. Most of the restaurants and night-spots are pretty expensive, and they advise seeing the Spy Museum, but they do pay homage to Ben’s Chili Bowl.

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