Help If You Can

As we sit in DC, at the cusp of the new year, in a city with a rebuilt Pentagon, in a country that was benefitted by international aid after 9/11, perhaps now is a time that we can help someone out. Every time I see the news, my heart sinks further. 50,000 60,000, 75,000, 115,000 dead. The numbers keep rising and rising. Our government has sent $35M of cash up front and are promising billions more to follow, but I think if we can do more as individuals, we ought to.

As we look at what’s coming up tomorrow, and how much we’re willing to spend on a party with fancy dress, or a dinner with our friends, it’s immense. Find $20. Find $50. Find $100 if you’re feeling generous, and help out people who’ve lost everything they hold dear.

Give, if you can.

Also, there’s another group that’s growing in strength that perhaps you ought to consider. Bloggers Without Borders that you should join. Check them out, they can explain what it’s about far better than I ever could.

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