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Sonic Boom!

Call me crazy but when a band can play their entire new album, mix in some obscurities and some favorites while also managing to play guitars with their feet, their torsos, violin bows and drumsticks; that makes for a damn good time.
The Sonic Youth show at the 9:30 Club, last night, involved all of those things and more. It was the noisiest most thrashed-up ass kicking that I’ve ever seen them deliver. The material on the new album translates so well to the live setting it’s mind blowing. Those songs are really something to behold live. The band brought such a sense of power and urgency to the new songs that one can hardly complain that they dominated the setlist. It absolutely unequivocally rocked.
Highlights of the show were Steve Shelly’s drumming being in the front of the mix. Last night the guy was a force of nature. Kim Gordon fully embracing her inner Rock Goddess and with her spooky vocals, ear-shattering shrieks and sexy stage play. And of course Thurston, Lee and Jim shredding about 16 guitars.


There were three Sumatran Tiger cubs born about three months ago at the National Zoo, and the public got their first glimpse of them this morning. There’s more information, including a tiger cub cam, on the Great Cats section of the zoo’s website.
Now, Sumatran Tigers are an endangered species, and most wild animal species live longer (and many would also add live fuller lives) in the wild than in captivity. And the National Zoo has had a lot of trouble taking proper care of their animals over the past several years. But whatever your feelings on zoos, you have to admit these tiger cubs are damn cute.

Knight Rider or Gang-banger?

Here’s a heads up to anyone who has to drive on GW Parkway after dark. There is a black sedan with tinted windows prowling around that I’ve spotted 4 times in the last week pulling people over. Here’s the catch it’s got Maryland plates (yes, Maryland) and it has jurisdiction in Virginia. What the hell kind of Patriot Act, anti-terrorist, rights restricting BS is that?
The car is really friggin’ creepy looking. When you see those Maryland plates sneaking up on you at 3AM you don’t think cops, you think it’s a hit. Like “what did I do to piss off those PG County gang-bangers”? And if you aren’t thinking hitman then you’re thinking “oh Jesus, what secret government plot did I accidentally stumble on and why do I have to disappear forever because of it?”
The other creepy thing is that it only has cop lights in the back. They shine a spotlight into your car to pull you over. WTF? Is speeding that much of a problem that the cops need a stealth super car to scare drivers into compliance?
It is really unsettling to see an out-of-state plate on a suspicious sedan pulling people over on an empty parkway in the middle of the night. Why are they allowed to do it? Is this a Virginia cop car posing as a Maryland civilian? If so why isn’t he driving something a little less threatening looking? Or is this a Maryland cop gone rogue? Or do Maryland cops have the right to prowl in Virginia now? I want answers.

But she’s saving a starving child!

This whole controversy both cracks me up and makes me angry. Yes, ma’am, I get that you don’t object to breastfeeding in public, but maybe you should learn a little something about respecting others’ senses of decency.

Maryland Driver, License Plate MDZ-716

This morning on my ride to work, some asshat in a Black Nissan Maxima came up the Glebe Rd. ramp and immediately cut us off. No Signal. No Warning. Just BAM, right in our lane, missing the front bumper by about half a short and curly hair. Tiff applied the horn, I applied the finger. This jackass has the nerve to come to a full fucking stop on I-395 IN RUSH HOUR. He’s jawing at us in the rearview, I switch to the double eagle, and some more horn is applied. Finally, jackass gets moving and we can resume our commute. He made several fairly vulgar and juvenile displays as we drove by him. I was really hoping that he was going to follow us to the Rosslyn Metro so we could exchange a few words face to face.
So really, jackass in the Black Maxima with Maryland License Plate MDZ-716, wearing fucking headphones while driving, I salute you. You have won my Asshat Driver of the Week award. I hope you get intestinal distress at work today. Then I hope you die.
Yet one more reason that Maryland Drivers’ Licenses should not be honored anywhere else in the US, nor should out-of-staters be required to surrender their good licenses when they move there.

Burritos and Car Bombs

That’s right peeps, your favorite Spunky Burrito Joint is opening up a new location in Courthouse. California Tortilla, or as it’s affectionately known, The Tilla, is opening up a Courthouse location over in Arlington, right next door to the Four Courts. So here’s the plan: next Wednesday they’re having free burritos from 6-8pm, so let’s all toddle on over to the Tilla for a free burrito, then head next door for a pint or an Irish Car Bomb.
It’s literally across Wilson from the Metro, you just can’t miss it!
See you there!

Beauty Tips: Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Handcream

People don’t give enough credit to the fact that Sonic Youth have been consistently rocking without rest for over 20 years and they don’t look like they’ve aged a day since 1984. Perhaps the unearthly sound waves they produce have a wrinkle preventing effect? Or maybe their constant touring is a hint as to their true cyborg nature. After all Thurston does seem more guitar than man at times. Come see the phenomenon at the 9:30 Club this Wednesday while they promote their excellent new album, Sonic Nurse. As you’ll see by how hard they rock after all these years, they hardly need one.

Go slow in Falls Church

Falls Church police officers are expected to meet high ticket quotas in order to maintain favorable performance ratings.
No wonder the speed limit on Route 7 is so low….

Screwing over the twentysomethings

Like all of you, I regularly lament just how expensive housing is in this area. I note that the boom is due, at least in part, to the expansion of the federal government.
But here’s something I didn’t realize- Local governments are also purposely continuing the housing shortage.
Thank you, local governments, for screwing over people who move here in search of work, who find productive, professional-level jobs, but still can barely make ends meet because their mortgage/rent payments eat 50% of their take-home pay. Thanks guys, we love you too.
Being a big believer in the free market, I believe the market will eventually sort this out. If people can’t afford to move here, they won’t, and eventually the folly of this approach will become evident. However, most new commercial developments typically have an anchor tenant. It would be nice if anchor tenants could remember that employees who don’t spend 2 hours a day commuting and whose paychecks aren’t decimated by rent are happier employees who stay with their companies longer.

Get Thee To The Cinema. Right Now.

Just in case you haven’t been reading my blog [and, really, what’s wrong with you?], or you didn’t see Tiffany’s recent recommendation here on this very site, let me catch you up:
Garden State opens in DC today.
Right now, you could be seeing the best movie I’ve seen all year.
But, you’re not.
Instead, you’re sitting here staring at a monitor that is doing God-only-knows-what to your brain, what with its little radio wave thingies.
Seriously, to sum up for you: If this movie was a guy, I would marry it.
Smart. Funny. Romantical, even. Perfect date movie. Perfect outing-with-friends movie. Perfect I’m-very-comfortable-going-to-the-movies-by-myself-thank-you-very-much movie.
And don’t even get me started on the soundtrack.
Don’t make me come over there and tell you again.

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